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Built in 1828 by Artemas Dodge Baker, the District #5 Schoolhouse is one of the oldest surviving school buildings in the state. 

On September 4, 1903, the new Jubal Howe Library was honored with a town-wide dedication ceremony.  


Take a tour through the years, reconstructing the fire station from 1900 through the present day. This image shows the station as it was in 1927.


The 1830 brick schoolhouse is probably one of the earliest surviving examples of the new type of school in the Worcester county area.


The new meeting-house had at first no steeple or bell, they waited forty-two years for those; the ornamentation, though simple, was artistic.


The land for the park was donated to the town of Shrewsbury in 1915 by Charles A. Dean in memory of his parents James and Kiziah Stearns Dean.

Harrington SQ.jpg

Shrewsbury has dedicated 31 squares to veterans and volunteers.  The dedications span six wars with veterans ranging in age from 18 to 70.

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