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Veterans' Squares

Town squares are named for individuals - veterans and volunteers - who have served our country and protected our freedom.  In our town there are 31 squares, spanning six wars.  Below we share the stories of four veterans followed by a complete list of the town squares, their locations and service details for each dedication.  


Corporal Lloyd Evan Hill

Lloyd Evan Hill joined the United States Marine Corps in 1948 and by January 1951 was serving in Korea with the 1st Marines.  He saw combat in Wonju, Korea in late February and later advanced to Chuncheon near the North Korean border by March 28th.  On April 10th, while in combat, Lloyd was injured and taken to Ward E of the Medical Battalion with the 7th Marine Division.  On July 10th, Lloyd was awarded his first Purple Heart.

April 13th marked the 43rd consecutive day his Division had served on the front line – setting a record at that point in the war.  It was also on April 13th that Lloyd was promoted to Corporal.  On April 17th, he was released to Division Casual Company. 

After a brief recovery, Lloyd was transferred back to the 3rd Battalion and assigned to the 35th Rocket Squadron as an Ammo Carrier.  His Division advanced to the region known as the Punch Bowl in Yanggu County, Gangwon Province. 


Starting on August 18, a ground combat battle, known as the Battle of Bloody Ridge, began as an attempt by UN forces to seize a ridge of hills which they believed were being used as observation posts.  On August 31st Lloyd’s unit was advancing along the eastern front, north of Inje County.  They were facing relentless enemy attacks of gun and mortar fire.  It was during this engagement that Corporal Lloyd Hill was mortally wounded.


His body was transferred to the United Nations Memorial Cemetery in Tanggok, Korea on September 5th, 1951, Plot WW, Row 4, Grave # 6368.  Hill Square, located at the intersection of Walnut Street and Floral Street, is named in his honor. (1)

Staff Sergeant Charles J. Murphy Jr.

Charles Murphy enlisted with the United States Army and was assigned to the 101st Airborne Division, 2nd Battalion, 327th Infantry, Headquarters Company. (2)  Initially stationed in Germany, he was promoted to Staff Sergeant.  On December 31, 1965 he started his tour in Vietnam with the 1st Brigade, 101st Airborne Division. (3)

The 101st Airborne Division, known as the “Screaming Eagles”, is a light infantry group trained for air assault operations.  From 1965 to 1967, the 1st Brigade operated independently as sort of a fire brigade and earned the reputation and title, "Nomads of Vietnam." They were joined by the rest of the division in late 1967.

Murphy Square - Charles John Murphy Jr P

The 101st Airborne Division was so feared by the North Vietnamese that enemy commanders are said to have warned their men to avoid engagement at all costs. (4)

On April 14, 1966, Charles died from gunshot wounds during combat in the Phuoc Tuy province of South Vietnam.  The Charles J. Murphy Veterans of Foreign Wars Post #10278 at 11 Plainfield Avenue is named in recognition of his service and he is listed on the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial (Panel 06e, Line 113) in Washington DC. (5)


Sergeant First Class Raymond Stone

Raymond Stone registered for the draft on June 5, 1917 and enlisted on August 16, 1917 at Fort Slocum, New York. (6)  On September 26, 1917 he was promoted to Sergeant First Class and was transferred with the 67th Aero Squadron in November to Kelly Field, San Antonio, Texas. 

On February 14, 1918, Raymond moved to the 328th Aero Squadron and on July 22, 1918 to the 280th Aero Squadron.   The Aero Squadrons were organized as aviation units of the US Army and consisted of combat flying, training, ground support, construction, and other components of the Air Service. 

Raymond was trained in instructional flying, construction, aviation general supply and service.  In November 1918, he was assigned to the Flying School Detachment at Rich Field, Waco, Texas. (7)  Flight cadets earned their flying wings during the 6-week course at Rich Field, and were then sent to schools in England and France for advanced training in pursuit, observation and bomber aircraft.


One month later, while still in training at Rich Field, Raymond contracted the Spanish Influenza and died of lobar pneumonia and influenza on December 3, 1918. (9)  The 1918-1919 flu pandemic killed approximately 675,000 Americans.  Young healthy adults were the most vulnerable. (10)  Raymond Avenue and the Ray Stone American Legion Post #238 at the corner of Main Street and School Street are named in his honor.

Lieutenant Colonel Walter John Paton

On August 8, 1945, the 12-year-old son of Lieutenant Colonel Walter J. Paton accepted a posthumous tribute to his father.  He was awarded the Silver Star, “for gallantry in action in connection with military operations against the enemy on December 18-19, 1944 in Belgium.  Paton was commanding a field artillery battalion, and displayed exceptional gallantry in successfully organizing and maintaining the defense of a vital highway for many hours after the unit he was to reinforce had withdrawn”.  The actions of Lieutenant Colonel Paton, “allowing time for organizing the defense of Bastogne were of inestimable value.  They reflected great credit on him and exemplify the finest traditions of the armed forces”. (11)


Lieutenant Colonel Walter J. Paton served in the 3rd Army under Lieutenant General George S. Patton as the commander of the 58th Field Artillery Armored Division.  While serving in Sicily, he was wounded in September 1944 and returned to service in November 1944.  In total, he had been in overseas service for 29 months during which time he was promoted to major and then lieutenant colonel on the battlefield. (12)


Walter J. Paton died in Prum, Germany on March 4, 1945, when his vehicle hit a mine. (13)  A memorial square located next to Beal School, where he taught mathematics for 11 years, Paton Road and Walter J. Paton Elementary School are named in his honor.

Avery Square

Winthrop Boynton Avery

Loring Street and Prospect Street

World War II

US Army - Captain

Troop C

8th Calvary Regiment

Benedict Square

Julius Tozer Corbin Benedict, Sr.

Boston Turnpike and Lake Street


World War I

US Army - Private First Class

8th Replacement Group,

Medical Department Camp


Conlon Square

Duke Square

Fipphen Square

James Eagan Conlon

Boston Turnpike and S. Quinsigamond Avenue


Alan Everett Duke

Grafton Street and Kenilworth Road

Richard Dole Fipphen

Main Street and Maple Avenue



World War I

US Army - Private

Bakery Company 352,

Quartermaster Corps


World War II

US Army Air Force - Corporal

46 Bomb Squadron,

79 Bomb Group

World War II

US Army - Private First Class

Troop B, 88 Cavalry Reconnaissance,

8th Armored Division

Fyrbeck Square

Gage Square

Hapgood Square

Harrington Square

Hickey Square

Carl Fyrbeck, Jr.

Main Street and Route 290 East Ramp


Homer Gage, Jr.

Boston Turnpike and Elm Street


Herbert Bradford Hapgood

Boston Turnpike and Maple Avenue


Isaac Harrington

Grafton Street and Grove Street


Joseph William Hickey

Main Street and Carlton Street


World War II

US Army - Sergeant

Company A, Head Quarter

150th Engineer Combat Battalion


World War I


American Field Ambulance Service

1917 - 1919


World War I

US Army - Private First Class

Company A,

58th Massachusetts Infantry


Revolutionary War

Continental Army - Captain

6th Worcester County Regiment,

Massachusetts Militia


World War I

US Army - Private First Class

American Expeditionary Forces,

Ordnance Depot 4, Company 280


Hill Square

Johnson Square

Johnson Square

Kaiser Square

Lloyd Evan Hill

Walnut Street and Floral Street


Carl Albert Folke Johnson

Main Street and N. Quinsigamond Avenue


Walter Francis Johnson

Main Street and Main Circle (East End)


Melvin Kaiser

Boston Turnpike and Bailey Road


Korean War

US Marine Corps Reserve - Corporal

Company I, 3rd Battalion,

7th Marines, 1st Marine Division


World War II

US Army - Private First Class

Company C, 275th Infantry,

70th Division


World War II

US Army - Staff Sergeant

7th Squadron,

2nd Combat Cargo Group


World War II

US Army - Sergeant

29th Bomb Group,

52nd Bomb Squadron


Kramek Square

Maguire Square

Maguire Square

Bernard Francis Kramek

Ridgeland Road and Wingate Street


Francis Sarsfield Maguire

Grafton Street and Grafton Circle


Robert Jerett Maguire

Boston Turnpike and South Street (NE Corner)


World War II

US Army - Technician 5th Grade

Company C,

865th Engineers Battalion Aviation


World War I

US Army - Private First Class

324th Supply Company

Quartermaster Corps


World War II

US Army - Private First Class

Company C, 44th Armored Infantry

Battalion, 6th Armored Division


Marston Square

McGarry Square

Moquin Square

Murphy Square

Robert Edgar Marston

Main Street and Main Circle (West End)


Joseph Donald McGarry

Prospect Street and North Street


Brian M. Moquin, Jr.

Maple Avenue and Oak Street


Charles John Murphy, Jr.

Boston Turnpike and Harrington Avenue


World War I

US Army - Sergeant

479th Aero Squadron


World War II

US Army - Tech Sergeant

Top Turret Gunner, 548th Bomber

Squadron, 385th Bomber Group


U.S. War in Afghanistan

US Army - Private First Class

A Troop, 3rd Squadron, 71st Cavalry

Regiment, 10th Mountain Division


Vietnam War

US Army - Staff Sergeant

101st Airborne Division,

2nd Battalion, 327th Infantry


O'Donnell Square

Paton Square

Quaranta Square

Salvatore Square

William M. O’Donnell

Main Circle and Walnut Street


Walter John Paton

Maple Avenue and Hascall Street


Victor Robert Quaranta

Boston Turnpike and Oak Street


Harold J. Salvatore

S. Quinsigamond Avenue and Lake Street


World War II

US Air Corps - 2nd Lieutenant

468th Bomb Squadron,

333rd Bomb Group


World War II

US Army - Lieutenant Colonel

58th Field Artillery

Armored Division


World War II

US Army - Staff Sergeant

Infantry, Armored,

Mechanized Units


World War II

US Marine Corps - Private First Class

Company B, 4th Division,

22nd Marines


Schouler Square

Sheehan Square

Stone Square

Stone Square

Vassar Square

James Schouler

Boylston Street and Prospect Street


James Francis Sheehan

School Street and Sheehan Drive


Byron Edwin Stone

Main Street and Boylston Street


Raymond Stone

Grafton Street and Raymond Avenue


Homer Eugene Vassar

Worthington Avenue and Hancock Street


World War I

US Army - Private First Class

328th Infantry

American Expeditionary Forces


World War II

US Army - Private First Class

Company M, 116th Infantry,

29th Division 


World War I

US Army - Private First Class

Company I, 60th Infantry Regiment,

5th Division


World War I

US Army - Sergeant First Class

Aviation Branch,

280th Aero Squadron


World War II

US Army - Private First Class

85th Infantry Regiment,

10th Mountain Division 


Wysocki Square

Edward Paul Wysocki

Plainfield Avenue and Ridgeland Road


World War II

US Army - Staff Sergeant

Company L, 47th Infantry,

66th Division


Content was researched and written by Paul Brueggemann. 

Special thanks to Donald Gray for his guidance and recommendations.

(1) Jon T. Kniskern, Lloyd Evan Hill, (USN HM-2 and nephew of Lloyd Evan Hill, 2020)

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For additional information about the Veterans' Squares there is a presentation at the Shrewsbury Historical Society produced by Eagle Scout Patrick Kelland. (Patrick's Eagle Scout Project was to restore all of the veterans' plaques in Shrewsbury.)

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