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Min Chueh Chang

Dr. Min Chueh Chang was a Chinese-American reproductive biologist. His specialty was the fertilization process in mammalian reproduction.  His work on in vitro fertilization led to the first test tube baby, but he was best known for his contribution in developing the combined oral contraceptive pill.

Chang was born on October 10, 1908, in the village of Dunhòu, China.  In 1933, he earned a degree in animal psychology from Tsing Hua University and in 1941, he was awarded a PhD in animal breeding at Cambridge University.  By 1951 Chang had moved to the United States, was residing in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts and working at the Worcester Foundation for Experimental Biology. [1]

Worcester Foundation for Experimental Biology 

The Worcester Foundation for Experimental Biology was established as an independent research center in 1944 by Hudson Hoagland and Gregory Pincus. It was best known for the development of the combined oral contraceptive pill and for the pioneering research on in vitro fertilization by Chang. [1]

The Embryo Project Encyclopedia

As one of the researchers involved in the development of the oral contraceptive pill, Min Chueh Chang helped to revolutionize the birth control movementRead More

(1) Biographical Memoir of Min Chueh Chang (National Academy of Science) Retrieved 2019.

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