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Captain Joab Hapgood 



Gunsmith and Gun Dealer


He was active from the 1840s until after the Civil War and was the first recorded Boston dealer to advertise Sporting Apparatus.

Joab Hapgood was a manufacturer and dealer in guns, rifles, pistols and a Shooting Tackle Agent for the sale of Volcanic Repeating Arms.  He started his business in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts before moving it to Boston.


As a soldier Captain Hapgood fought in the Civil War including the Battle of Gettysburg.


While living in Shrewsbury, he held a number of political offices including Selectman, Moderator, Clerk and Assessor.

J. Hapgood Gun Store was located on 30 Washington Street, Boston, MA.

Beside designing and manufacturing guns, Joab Hapgood invented a plow which he used to plant a number of trees on the street later named  Maple Avenue.


Buried in Shrewsbury, his monolith remains the tallest in the town’s Mountain View Cemetery.

J. Hapgood Percussion Rifle