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Elizabeth Ward

1840 - 1900

Opening lines from her book,

OLD TIMES IN SHREWSBURY MASSACHUSETTS, Gleanings from History and Tradition

Copyright 1892

THERE are moments in history which shine out brightly through the centuries, and to us, who are looking back into the dimness of the past to catch every ray of light that can show us more of the lives of those who came before us, they are full of the most intense interest.

Events which seemed trivial to those who were the actors, even as the daily happenings of our lives seem to us, are surrounded with an interest that increases as time passes, and we gather every fragment of a story pertaining to the home life of those who a century ago moved about among these familiar scenes, and linking them together find how our forefathers lived, what heroic deeds they accomplished, what hardships they endured, and in all respects what manner of men and women they were who subdued the wilderness for us, and made the paths smooth in which our more tender feet were to tread.

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